Volunteer at WoWfest 2020

WoW Needs You!
WoWFest is the longest running and most successful Literature Festival in Liverpool. Our reach and ambition 
grows each year. With an average of 35 events in venues and spaces across the city, we rely on a team of volunteers who support our staff in the delivery of unique and exciting events and activities.
If you have time to spare and would like to gain invaluable experience in event promotion and management come and join our team of volunteers.
Roles available to volunteers are varied and rewarding and include:

·         Promotion through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
·         Blogging
·         Reviewing events
·         Photography at events
·         Event management: box office stewarding, looking after guests, event set up
WoW offers volunteers free entry to festival events, travel and other expenses and the opportunity to meet a host of interesting and talented people. Many of our volunteers have gone on to work in the arts and media and industries here and nationally. Come and develop your skills, expand you CV and have fun with WoW. 

Here’s a few words from one of our former Volunteers, Elaine Wilson, Training Advisor, BBC.

“When I started volunteering for Writing on the Wall, I had recently been made redundant, so it was a tremendous boost to start working with these great supportive and creative people. Being a part of the WoW Festival and subsequent events meant that I kept my skills sharpened and learned some new ones so that when job opportunities finally came knocking, I had the confidence and ability to go for them. I eventually landed a job at the BBC in Media City, where I am now a Training Advisor and have worked on many high-profile events with high profile people; something I believe I am able to do thanks to the experience I gained with WoW.”

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