The Price of Glory

Ashleigh Nugent  

Our energies were limitless
‘Cause we played for the love of it
The trophies? They’re just symbols,
It’s the memories that really stick
Reality was our reward
We made our people glorious
Those suits made money
But we boys made meaning. Who was really rich?
We overrode all levels
Some young devils from the poor estates
Our heroes were each other
Brothers, so long as the game is played
Expectancy was on us all
We started off with nothing more
But knew that we could be the first
To ditch the pits and go astray
But dreams and eras die
They change their suits; we pay the price.
Those of us who clung on,
For more glory, we paid twice
Now children sing ancestral dirges
And drink harder to be certain
That the purpose buried with us
Was a worthy sacrifice
But I’m glad I stuck around to see
Those suits had more to lose than me
Oblivion’s traditional to us
So we’ll pay any fee
For one triumphant story
Put you very best before me
And we’ll paint your city red
To prove our people’s dignity