7th May - 31st May

Into The Dark, Into The Light: Roger Hill’s Lockdown Playlist

Roger Hill is a writer, broadcaster, performer, educationalist and long-time resident in Liverpool. He has travelled widely, including two round-the-world journeys and recently crossed Central Asia  to create art-works which were recently premiered at Edge Hill University. His work for the BBC involves producing the longest-running alternative music programme on UK radio. He has contributed work to The Bluecoat over four decades and is currently involved there in running the Baby Book Club and participating in the "Where The Arts Belong" project based in some of the NorthWest's "dementia villages". He contributed a chapter to "Liverpool City Of Radicals".

What is the point of a playlist in the current situation? What, come to that, defines the current situation? Anxiety? Ingenuity? Loss? Frustration? Boredom? Sociability? Realism? If somebody is going to put on a pre-curated sequence of sounds, whether as a sound-track to housework or a moment of respite from it, they need to feel that it will wonderfully accompany their state of mind.

This game-of-two-halves Mix might be called “The Sounds Of Survival”, although I’ve actually called it “Into The Dark, Into The Light”. It will take you, I hope, as it took me in making it, on a journey through isolation and sadness and lead the onward progress to a new positive. If you don’t fancy the first, you can always jump to the second – use as you see fit.

In making this I drew on, I now realize, very many of my musical lodestones and compass-bearings – there’s a lot of my favourite music in there, to put it more simply. And I’m grateful to Writing On The Wall for the challenge to produce a playlist because I’ve discovered that there’s even more, so much more yet, of my cardinal musical pleasures, accumulated over a lifetime, to explore in the future.

All ticket donations from this event go to Fans Supporting Foodbanks, South Liverpool Domestic Abuse Services and WoW.

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