Thursday 14th May

Noam Chomsky Keynote Speech: Letter From America
Venue: Facebook
Time: 6pm
Tickets: Free

In this unique and specially-written Letter from America, Noam Chomsky, New York Times bestselling political theorist, activist, linguist, philosopher and cognitive scientist, will explore and surmise his thoughts on the American situation right now, and how, in crisis, the American Dream might be showing its true colours. Dubbed “the father of modern linguistics”, he is one of the most critically engaged public intellectuals and one of the most cited scholars alive. He has influenced a broad array of academic fields and has been awarded the US Peace Prize for his anti-war activities over five decades, and the Sydney Peace Prize for his work in human rights. He is one of, if not the, greatest commentator on our society.

In this ‘Letter From America’, created exclusively for Writing on the Wall, Noam Chomsky responds to current events and the response of the United States leadership of President Donald Trump, and explores the growth of populist governments in many are across the world, as a continuum of the strategy of neo-liberal politics.

Due to its dominance in the globalised economy, the world looks to America daily, perhaps even more so during lockdown to see the government’s latest response to the pandemic. The sometimes shocking, often ridiculous stories that arise from Trump’s leadership baffle communities around the world, indicating a deeper, more sinister governmental priority. Amidst anti-lockdown protests, a leader pushing to lift lockdown measures so he can get back on the campaign trail, against his own administration’s policy, then suggests injecting with disinfectant may cure the coronavirus. It’s a world gone wrong, one that’s been going wrong for some time. Don’t try to adjust it, it’s not your TV that’s broken. 
All ticket donations from this event go to Fans Supporting Foodbanks, South Liverpool Domestic Abuse Services and WoW.