Maureen Hewitt

A sonnet by Maureen Huwitt called Lockdown.

Always in, never out,
Stay at home and keeping the virus out,
Washing hand till squeaky clean,
Masks cover our faces, they cannot be seen
Giving others space in-between
Just in case
So much isolation, social distance put in place,
No more hugs or kisses,
Survival is not just for the fittest
Lost in a drift, unsure of what is the norm,
Confused? How do we battle the virus wall,
Golden opportunities being created,
Reaching out in ways that so unexpected,
World wide web is such a saving grace
Inspiration and innovation has it’s place
Good communities being formed,
Standing by the door,
We reach across the street like never before
National call for volunteers
Supremely united in response
Giving support without a thought,
Careers are a very special souls,
Making sacrifice while taking risks,
They put themselves last on the list,
Standing each week
In pride we clap and make noises,
Deep gratitude shown throughout the land.
When our battle is won,
Let us all have courage
As we step out and make a new norm
Here is our chance to give thanks and praise
To all the heroes who have kept us afloat in everyway
Let’s keep all that good
Renew the hope in our hearts,
As we heal all pain and scars with our love.

Maureen Hewitt has been a member of a creative writing group, for almost two years, on social prescription from Tower Hill General Medical Practice, Kirkby. The practice prompted the creative writing group to continue writing, before lockdown. This is her first sonnet.