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Why Do We Protest?

Tony Gibney 
Some folks protest because they need to be doing something, anything, that makes them feel wanted. But what makes us get out the chair in the first place?

Is protest right even when it is illegal? Do people instigate protest sometimes just because it’s human nature to fight for what you believe in?
When does protest first start? Is it when the dummy first gets lashed out the pram, or is it when we first feel hunger pangs, and on the other hand, when does protesting stop?

Maybe we carry on protesting with ourselves till we take our last breath. What is it that feeds all this protest? I’m no expert but to me there is far too much information we have to take in from a very early age. We are bombarded with information. The more information the more likely we are to protest over things.

When does debate and talking stop or is it still a nature / nurture thing? Why is it that protest can, a lot of times, get out of hand or are some marches just highjacked by people with hidden agendas? If we go back in time, some protests have changed the world. Some protests end in violence such as the Russian revolution while Gandhi showed the world that peaceful protest does work.

Not everyone that protests are militants, they just have their own sense of right and wrong. Rather than having thoughts planted in our heads we need to listen to reason because reason is the enemy of protest.

When all is said and done we are what we stand up for, so without protest we would be robots.
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