What's Left

Dalina Suli
I am lost in the mist of this month looking around, backward and forwards. My eyes, watching far and wide, want to find a little bit of my lost self. Looking in every corner of that big space, and you know what? At a glance I found a little memory of ours but… I stopped there.

I breathed a little bit of air out, as if my thirst had caught me. I tried to look for more memories but I see just a glimpse of you, you leaving as the sun sets. You left and I'm lost because I didn't just lose you, but myself and my way.

In my mind many questions came and went. I cried in that big space, where no-one could hear or see me. I sat and talked with the grass, with the trees, with birds singing around me. I talked to you. I told you: Since you left my world has a different sense to it. You went physically but I still have you in my memories, in my nightmares, inside my soul.

I still have you because when I'm lost, I start to search for you and along the way I find myself. Everything is gloomy now. Loved has faded, passion is frozen.

Our streets have another name: Where are we now? Our favourite songs have different titles: Where are we now? Our love has another flow: Where are we now?