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Where are you now?

Addae G
Where are you now? What are you doing? Who are you now?
Didn’t you know that somewhere in your history your ancestor held his soul so high to where no mere man could reach? Even when his arms were bound and his skin was broken; when they cut his flesh his blood spilt unto the earth 
 he never gave in. He was rounded up and treated worse than cattle by men who believed that the wind only blew for them. That the sun only shone for them. They were more than bullies; they were tyrants under the eyes of every god that man has ever lifted his voice to worship.
Didn’t you know that somewhere along your ancestry, someone survived? Someone survived being restrained, chained to other human bodies for months at the bottom of a ship; vermin-infested, and disease-inflicted; but remained conscious and endured the Middle Passage through Hades into Hell.
So where are you now, what are you saying now? After your family lost their language, lost their traditions, lost their identities; whipped and forced to speak in foreign tongues as best as they could, all while toiling in fields from sunrise to sunset. They were forced to lay silent as their mothers and daughters screamed in horror and agony while they were being raped. Women bore witness to the sale of their own babies – ripped from their very arms!
So where are you now, who are you now? After your forefathers were given names that they didn’t choose, no birth certificate, no heritage, no rights of any kind – no rite at any time. But like a flame that couldn’t be extinguished inside a burning heart that wanted nothing more than to breathe the air of freedom, with fervour they braved the Underground Railroad. These black men survived the Civil War, bore the humiliation before monarchies; they faced burning crosses, and averted their eyes when their brothers where strung up for public spectacle.
Entertainment! These same black men fought for King and Empire! These same black men fought valiantly through World Wars! These same black men answered every call to service, only to return to their countries as BOYS.
Where are you now, what are you fighting for? They marched into Birmingham; Alabama; entered the stronghold of the KKK where our people were castrated, books with pictures of black and white rabbits were banned from bookstores, and no black melody, harmony, or tune could touch the ear through the airwaves. Those same men were hosed in Selma, jailed in Wilmington, assassinated in Memphis, segregated in the South, ghettoed in the North, ignored in history books, and stereotyped in the media. They suffered and survived through every form of humiliation, injustice in courts of law and still stood up and faced the oppressive economic system designed to keep him under the foot of Massa… still!
Against all those odds, someone, somewhere in your line endured every era. It was to make sure that today, you are here! It is not in your DNA to quit.
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