1919: Remembering the Riots – A National Conversation – Programme

1919: Remembering the Riots – A National Conversation
25th May 12pm – 7pm,
Reid Room, St George’s Hall



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Welcome from Andy Davies, Geography Dept, Liverpool University & Madeline Heneghan, Co-Director, Writing on the Wall.


Session 1: Port City Race Riots
An exploration of the events of 1919 as they unfolded in ports across UK and of the consequences in Glasgow, Cardiff and Liverpool.
Dr Paul Griffin, Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Northumbria. His PhD research explored working class politics during the ‘Red Clydeside’ era in Glasgow.
Emy Onuora, co-author of Great War to Race Riots, which focuses on the events in Liverpool. He is also author of Pitch Black; The Story of Black British Footballers. He has lectured extensively on issues of race and sport within higher education.
Jamie Baker, leader of five Heritage Lottery projects focusing on BAME merchant seaman and communities. He is now involved in a brand-new podcast in Cardiff that seeks to explain and educate in relation to the `Race Riots’ of 1919 in Wales.


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Session 2: Commemorating Black Heritage
Exploring the creative and innovative ways that black heritage has been documented and responded to, with a focus on how communities take the lead in preserving, promoting and telling their own histories.
Prof. Mike Pearson, Emeritus Professor at the University of Aberystwyth. He specialises in theatre and performance studies and has been involved in a number of performance-based responses to the events of 1919 in Cardiff.
Vicky Caren, member of Liverpool’s Great War to Race Riots Archive group. Vicky is also the Cataloguing Manager for the North West Hub for the British Library’s Unlocking Our Sound Heritage Project.
Dr Hannah Ishmael, archivist at the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton. Her PhD explored the development of black-led archives in London, and she is an expert in the ongoing challenges faced in curating and commemorating community archives.


Levi Tafari, Liverpool’s internationally acclaimed urban Griot, performing specially commissioned poetic responses to the Great War to Race Riots Archive.


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100 years on: Where are we now?
A discussion on the state of race relations and racial equality today. In the light of the ongoing Windrush Scandal, establishment and media vilification of migrants across Europe and the increasing confidence of the far right, here and in the United States, this conversation could not be more vital.
Ron Ramdin, author of The Making of the Black Working Class In Britain, is a pioneering historian, biographer and novelist. His works include Paul Robeson: The Man and His Mission, The Other Middle Passage and From Chattel-slave to Wage-earner: History of Trade Unionism in Trinidad and Tobago.
Howard Gayle, former footballer who played for Birmingham City, Blackburn Rovers, Fulham, Halifax Town, Liverpool, Newcastle United, Sunderland and Stoke City. Howard made the headlines after becoming the first black player for Liverpool FC and more recently when he very publicly turned down the MBE for his work with "Show Racism the Red Card", saying it would be "a betrayal to all of the Africans who have lost their lives, or who have suffered as a result of Empire.” Howard is the author of 61 minutes in Munich: The Story of Liverpool FC's First Black Footballer.
Salma Yacoob, political activist and psychotherapist. She was formerly the leader and Vice Chair of the Respect Party and a Birmingham City Councillor representing that party. She is the head of the Birmingham Stop the War Coalition and a spokesperson for Birmingham Central Mosque.



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