The centenary of the 1919 Race Riots

In 1919 race riots broke out in sea ports across the UK, fuelled by competition for jobs and casual racism that was inflamed by the press, politicians and union leaders.  Glasgow was the first to witness anti-black violence in January, followed by South Shields in February, with serious levels of violence in London from April to August. In June, Newport and Barry saw rioting, while in Cardiff, three men were killed. In Liverpool, Charles Wotten, a young Bermudian seafarer was murdered by an angry white mob.

Writing on the Wall and partners’ commemorative centenary events explore the 1919 riots, the consequences, and the position of black and racial minority communities in the UK today.

Writing on the Wall gratefully acknowledge Joe Farrag’s  important role in bringing the Great War to Race Riots Archive, a significant and historically important collection, into the public domain.

Thursday 2nd May: Exhibition Launch – 1919 Race Riots
12.30pm, 3rd Floor, Central Library

A collaboration between Writing on the Wall, Liverpool Record Office and The National Archives which brings together letters from black workers, the Lord Mayor of Liverpool and central government, revealing the British establishment’s attitude to those who had come to the aid of the ‘motherland’ in post war WW1 Britain.
Exhibition runs from 2nd May to 24th June 2019
Free entry
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Saturday 25th May: 1919: Remembering the Riots – A National Conversation
12pm – 7pm, Reid Room, St George’s Hall

In partnership with Liverpool University we bring together academics, activists and community members from around the UK, including Liverpool Cardiff, Glasgow, South Shields where the 1919 race-riots took place, to reflect on the events in each port city. The day will conclude with a panel discussion featuring pioneering historian Ron Ramdin (The Making of the Black Working Class in Britain) and Howard Gayle (61 Minutes in Munich: The Story of Liverpool FC's First Black Footballer), which will consider race and racism in the UK 100 years on. Poetry from acclaimed Urban Griots Levi Tafari.
Tickets £15/£7
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Sunday 12th & Sunday 26th May: 1919 Race Riots Centenary Walking Tour (approx. 2 hours)
Assemble 1.30pm: Chinese Arch, Nelson Street, L1 5DN

Join us as we walk the streets where the 1919 race-riots took place, visiting the residences of those involved as well as trailing the tragic last movements of Charles Wotten.
Ends with refreshments at Toxteth Library, Windsor Street, L8 1XF
Tickets £10/£5
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