Black History Month 2019 - WoW - Liverpool

Thank you from WoW

WoWFEST19 ended last week with Celeste Bell and Zoë Howe at the British Music Experience for an event dedicated to punk icon Poly Styrene. This year we have held over 60 events throughout May. We’ve had a fantastic time bringing some of the best writers, spoken word artists, poets, journalists, commentators, activists to Liverpool, including Billy Bragg,Will SelfJo BrandMike LeighPeter Tatchell and Helen Pankhurst. From Catalonia to Tehran, Brexit to Grime,  the Environmental Crisis to Queer Are We Now?, we hope we’ve achieved our aim of delivering one of the best writing and literary festivals in the UK. Keep in touch and look out for more projects and events coming your way soon. Thanks to you all our guests, our audiences, our volunteers, our partners -  The Women's Org, Clear Lines Festival, Comma Press, Visiting Arts, ICSL, Central Library, University of Liverpool, LAAF, Unity Theatre, Radisson Blu, Hope Street Hotel, Waterstones; and to our sponsors – Edge Hill University ICE, ACE, City Council and The Granada Foundation – we couldn't have done it without you!