2020 Vision

Hannah Eynon

2020 Vision
I'm coming to my senses more than just looking and listening this about is connection.
Seeing, hearing what is spoken, deep, deep down inside. Realising this is 2020 Vision, my gift, my intuition.
My Grandad gave me his family tree, his life’s history in a ring binder and at a glance I see from his Grandfather, to him to me, this cycles repeat familiar patterns and waves.
DNA, truth and lies. 
Life and death in black and white, I read between the lines. 
I see a common thread, we only ever hear what was said and I see the mirror on the other side that shape the future, how they did what they did without even realising, sins of their fathers that the women had a hand in, their both the same, makes no difference, it brought us to here now, the choices and consequences.
And now, what do we do now, Lockdown bow down from the top down, how now do I explain that to my child that that makes the world go round when she can see to herself, that these restrictions have not had the chance to be placed upon such a powerful inquisitive mind. 
She's a 2020 vision, the future itself.

I can see it, her eyes lit up and she'll smile for that's why she knows, that's why, that's what she came for, she told me so in a vision, long before she arrived, she entered my mind.
"Mummy I'm not ready to come to you yet, you've work to do"
And in my heart I knew I had to tell the truth, lift the lid before she could come through. 
So fast forward to now she's almost 5, here we are now she shows me how to do it different, together we live.
This 2020 Vision.
And I'll tell her too my little red, with all the unrest that is bound to happen, when thaffairs of the city, politics become a bone of contempt and tension never allowing it to be anything different. Soon that tension will wear itself out and truth will become what it's all about. 
So as we sail out, divide and conquer a devolved government. The United Kingdom and Irish Republic I'll say, just sit back, just watch and see who's leading with integrity.
But in the meantime we go back to home rule, we govern our households, are minds, our bodies. The work that we do our families too and as we emerge from this cocoon, we look to those leaders to gather and guide us, not to fall at there last furlong or if it does, we can all get up again. These leaders can change tact, due course, these leaders are transparent, they lead with 2020 vision.
And I see her she's got her daddy's eyes, piercing me knowing this is what she came here for, 2020 vision.
Truth, the heart of the matter. 

So we cast a look to the future, we envision things getting better. But I see things more heated, that people won't be happy, there's always one who get mistreated. 
Already they save, f**k Tories and my f***s are few and far between to give away so frivolously and anyway my daughter she's laughs at me for she already knows how they got their name, these outlaws are outdated.
Then there's Labour and it's hard to work trying to keep up with us and them, there doesn't seem to be such things as a healthy debate, an equilibrium. 
So as right wing and Far-left split father and father apart, may this end the hierarchy and transform parliament. May they forge the foundations from the ground up, may they rely on the 2020 vision to move us forwards and cultivate a brighter future, one we all belong to.
I often think am I too naive in my thinking, then I look to my child, my child with her daddy's eyes and he knew what I was like, he still does. 
He told me so, he said "never, ever change"
In innocent there's wisdom and that's the 2020 vison.