The Invisible Threat

Pauline Cummins

An invisible infection is sweeping worldwide,
Not recognising borders, as it travels far and wide
Swiftly and indiscriminately the virus took hold.
Of the vulnerable and elderly, we were initially told.
Social values and traditions now under attack.
As the public self-isolate, and the NHS fights back.
Politicians and legislators, public bodies and the like 
Perpetuated fear and all in plain sight.
Surprisingly, these changes were at a rapid pace
Unprecedented, jobs lost in the work place.
Wholly unchallenged new measures now in place
Locked-down without warning, home’s the work base.
Social distancing of two metres is the new norm.
Evident when shopping, as we’re urged to conform
Changes happening never seen before
As we’re continually pressured to stay indoors
With the help of the media, we’re told we could die.
And death for many imminent, if we didn’t comply.

Pauline Cummins began writing during a short course facilitated by Writing on the Wall.  Her poems and short stories were included in Reflections, an anthology published by Writing on the Wall (2019).