Writing on the Wall 2005

This week long festival took place in April 2005, with writers like Brain Jacques and Book prize winner Barry Unsworth. 

Writing on the Wall 2004

WOW 2004's top event had got to be a talk from Noam Chomsky at Liverpool University, the venue was packed out.  

Writing on the Wall 2003

2003 was the year for featuring local talent, with young writers contributing and editing this brochure with festival highlights coming from Brian Reade, Kevin Sampson and Clare Shaw.

Writing on the Wall 2002

It was the year of the Queens Golden Jubliee and the Commonwealth Games were taking place in Manchester and WOW2003 was exploring the notions of Commonwealth and what it means today.

Writing on the Wall 2000

Poster from Writing on the Wall 2000

Back in the year 2000 the festival was only 5 days long, so producing a brochure was out of the question, this lovely poster did the job just fine.

Even back then we were ahead of our time with our Writing in a Digital Age event.


Writing on the Wall 2001

This year WOW looked at the same themes as the year 2000 so Livepool's writing traditions, social justice, digital technology and radical writing, but this year looking at trasatlantic links, women on the edge, asylum seekers and crime. 

With names like Irvine Welsh, Bill Drummond, this festival was one to wow.
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