Review: What is to be done?

By Ciarán Hodgers

An event on the current environmental crisis could’ve been academic, dry and, if I’m honest, a little bit terrifying. “Guardedly hopeful” was how Fred Pearce described himself, and the event felt generally more positive than I was expecting. Panelists Fred Pearce, Beth Gardiner and Roscoe Blevins discussed their activism and writing and how we’re all powerful enough to make individual change. We discussed the rising surge of youth movements and how this powerful new force is an inspiring change in how we’re talking about the environment at large. The audience had a lot to ask and comment upon, and there was lots of people talking to each other as well as the panellists – this was my biggest take-away from the event; that we’re not just keen to look at the problems, but we’re moving towards a more solution-minded perspective and events like these are key at bringing like-minded people together.