Review: Remembered by Yvonne Battle-Felton Book Launch

By Katrina Paterson

On the 4th May, WoWFest were delighted to welcome Yvonne Battle-Felton an American writer living in Lancashire talking about her debut novel, Remembered with local historian and leader of the Liverpool Black Research group, Laurence Westgaph. The discussion included talking about Battle-Felton’s past in America, her inspirations for the book and the incredibly powerful characters she has created, along with her research process and how she picked the historical time period for her novel.

Remembered is the highly acclaimed debut historical fiction novel, a story where Spring, an emancipated slave, is forced to relive a haunting past in order to lead her dying son home.
Along with this discussion there were two very strong readings from the book itself, where Yvonne Battle-Felton managed to bring life to the characters through her chosen pieces with incredible description and characterisation on each page.

‘It was fall. She popped up in the middle of the kitchen and plopped into my favorite chair like it was hers. Like she’d been there all along and hadn’t wafted in smelling of cinnamon and cedar wood. Always burning. Even on a crisp autumn day. She strummed her fingers on the kitchen table, fingered the cracks. Waited.’

Overall, I feel that Remembered is a book of high importance in our society today, highlighting a grim and horrible period in history when slavery was rife, and families were torn apart to serve and work for others, it’s legacy will hopefully leave readers enlightened with their hearts and minds expanded.