Review: Roger Hill's Walking Tour 'Where are we?'

By Alice Mason

When you walk around Liverpool, how much do you notice around the city?

A bright Sunday afternoon, Roger Hill started his ‘Where are we?’ walking tour. It was a fantastical walk set around Liverpool. A group of us started from the Ropewalks, learning the architecture of new and forgotten buildings. Stories and history were interspersed by Roger as we paused gazing upwards at the buildings.

‘What oppositions do we have in the city?’ Roger asked the audience. He focused on a story of ‘The Three Queens’ in Liverpool which highlighted Liverpool’s past including Queen Victoria. Taking a quick look at the architecture around Liverpool, seashells and the goddess Minerva were dotted around. I left the tour with a sense of wonder and appreciation for the stories that took place in the city. 

Photo credit: Mark McNulty.