Friday 10th May

John Crace and the tale of Maybot - in Liverpool
Venue:Waterstones Liverpool ONE, 12 College Lane, Liverpool, L1 3DL
Time: 6.00pm (Doors at 5.30pm)
Tickets: £3/£2 
(Waterstones Card Holders) 

As part of WoWFest19 we'll be hosting John Crace as he tells the hysterical tale of Theresa May's first turbulent year in No 10.

Did you shed a tear at the result?’ asked the interviewer Emma Barnett. Proof that the Maybot had some human attributes would make headline news.

Had it been a tear or had she just sprung an oil leak? The Maybot hesitated. She couldn't quite remember. But never mind. ‘Yes, a little tear:’ She said. A tearette.

Throughout 2017 John Crace, the Guardian’s parliamentary sketch writer, has watched Theresa May’s efforts to remain strong and stable - and, indeed, Prime Minister. He coined the term 'Maybot' for her malfunctioning public appearances. And now, in this edited collection of his unremittingly witty sketches, he tells the full story of Theresa May’s turbulent first year in No 10. 

As waspishly hilarious as Craig Brown's diaries in Private Eye, I, Maybot is essential and hysterically funny reading for anyone trying to make sense of a political annus horribilis.

John Crace is the Guardian's parliamentary sketch writer and author of I Never Promised You a Rose Garden. He writes the Digested Read for G2.

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