Dizraeli Live

Blog Post by Joanie Magill

Dizraeli has the effortless ability to forge an intimate connection with his audience. Before he steps onto the stage, he invites his Studio 2 audience in Parr Street to introduce ourselves to each other and by the time he begins his set, there is a low buzz of former strangers striking up connections.

First off, he leads the audience in a call and response through Out Timothy Out, and after that, we are all friends.

What follows is a roller coaster. With just an acoustic guitar, Dizraeli fills the stage, and blends urban hip hop and spoken word poetry with an English folk sound in a performance of pure, raw energy.

He opens himself up and invites you inside his mind in songs that flow between primal anger, vulnerability and soul baring honesty. His storytelling covers a vast territory - personal heartbreak, consumerism, politics, men’s mental health.
Haunting ballad, Ariane, a folky sounding urban tale of lost love, is an unrestrained, intimate sharing backed by a string pulled guitar rhythm.

Marvellous is a humorous, hard hitting diatribe against consumerism that has the audience shouting back the song’s title at the appropriate moments.  

There are nights, when you are out with your mates, and the conversation weaves between intimate sharing of your demons and your heartaches to an unpicking of everything that is going on and wrong with the world and everything in between.

Dizraeli’s performance was one of those nights.