The Play's The Thing

Monday 22nd May 
Written by Alice Mason

Audiences at Toxteth Library had the chance to see Recoil by Georgie Madeley and Twister by Ian Gray. Both pieces were submitted through the project, The Play's the Thing in partnership with Grin Theatre and Writing on the Wall. At the end of the ten week project, participants produced a script around thirty minutes long.

Recoil, the winning entry of the 2016 project, was directed by James Fennell. Recoil offered a different perspective on familial relationships. This play was intriguing - focusing on the character Gabriel who arrives at his boyfriend's house with the intention of coming out to his boyfriend's family. However as time goes on, his boyfriend, Micky, doesn't appear and both the family and Gabriel have to face up to the fact that Mickey could have been caught up in an attack at a gay bar.

Twister focuses on Grobodkin (Daniel Anderson) who is being interrogated by a guard (Roxanne Male) and Major Roscoff (Liam Murphy). It is a tense piece of drama, where the atmosphere of the play is apparent and the actors portrayed their characters realistically.

I look forward seeing what the future holds for both writers, performers and directors.