The Last Word

Thursday 11th May 

Hosted by WoW's own Ciarán Hodgers, The Last Word was a night of uplifting and innovative spoken word. Five people from Merseyside Youth Association's Talent Match scheme shared the stage with Lyndsay Price, Ciarán Hodgers and  Debris Stevenson. The young people overtook the night with their fierce and raw performances, although prepared with twelve weeks' worth of spoken word workshops, it still is understandbly a nerve-wracking experience. They will also be launching a book in the very near future - watch this space! 

Founder of Mouthy Poets CIC, Debris is an unstoppable force on stage and has been published by organisations such as Louis Vuitton, Oxford University, Holland Park Press and BBC Radio’s The Verb. Flipped Eye has recently published her debut pamphlet, Pigeon Party. This was Debris' debut performance in Liverpool. It is evident that Debris takes heavy Influence from grime and dancehall, her rhythmic, dance-like delivery and movements captivated the room. She even managed to mix music and poetry - a beautiful blend between the arts disciplines. Lyndsay Price, guest tutor on the Last Word and Rhymes and Records founder, also performed talking candidly about sexuality, love and relationships. Overall, this was a very enjoyable night, I can't wait to see what they do next!