From London Recruits to Mandela8 - Living the Legacy

Thursday 18th May
Written by Alice Mason

London Recruits to Mandela8: Living the Legacy
took place at Blackburne House. This event was about the history of the Anti-Apartheid movement. People were recruited and went to South Africa by leaving ANC banners unfurtled, ANC speeches that were sounded in public places like shopping centres, pamphlet bombs (usually buckets that exploded and showered ANC leaflets). Ken Keable, the editor of London Recruits: The Secret War Against Apartheid talk about how these men and women were ordinary people and weren’t allowed to talk about what they had done for the movement.
The audience saw the trailer for the upcoming film, London Recruits, which emphasised that the fighters for the movement were just ordinary people, doing their bit to help. 

Freedom, justice, education and equality were ideals that Nelson Mandela stood for. The new memorial dedicated to Nelson Mandela will be built in the island in Princes Park with a bridge leading to it. Sonia Bassey and Stephen Nze from Mandela8 talked about how iconic and needed the memorial to Nelson Mandela is. Also at the event were Roger O'Hara and Steve Munby, Councillor and Anti-Apartheid Campaigner.