Rebel Women

Tuesday 23rd May 
Writing on the Wall presents an exceptionally insightful and powerful panel discussion with Sabrina Mahfouz, Dashni Morad and Margaret Aspinall. These women have rebelled in their own way to take back control. Whether on a political or a more personal basis, these women will explore the obstacles they have faced and how they broke through the glass ceilings they encountered. Including performances from Sabrina and Dashni, this event is not to be missed. 

Sabrina Mahfouz is a London-based poet, playwright and writer. Her poetry collection, How You Might Know Me, explores four women’s lives, connected through their experience in different areas of the UK’s growing sex industry. She has also written anthologies such as The Things I Would Tell You: British Muslim Women Write. She received a Fringe First Award for Chef and won a Sky Arts Academy Poetry Award.


Dashni Morad, 31, is an Iraqi Kurdish- Dutch singer, television presenter and human rights activist. Her debut album Hela Hupa was a successful controversy, being deemed ‘inappropriate’ by more conservative communities. Her work has been boycotted by TV channels, imams have preached against her at mosques and she has received death threats. Persisting against this negative backlash, Dashni continues to make music with intentionally open Western themes. She presented a talk show in 2010 where she discussed openly female issues, which remains taboo in Kurdish society.


Margaret Aspinall is the chairwoman of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, and has spent more than 26 years fighting for the justice of the 96 victims, having lost her own son in the tragedy who, following The Hillsborough Panel Report in 2012, was named as one of 58 victims who could have been saved had he received proper medical assistance after being lifted from the pen.

Venue: The Women's Organisation, 54 St James St, Liverpool L1 0AB
Date: Tuesday 23rd May 
Time: 6pm 
Tickets: £7/£3.

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