Light Night: Time to Rhyme Open Mic

Friday 19th May 
Written by Lucy Fegan 

Writing on the Wall Festival invited poets and spoken word artists from across Merseyside and beyond to its very own Light Night event.

Never heard of Light Night? it’s an annual evening of more than 100 free events across Liverpool. The cities world-class museums, galleries and heritage sites stay open till late and hold large-scale light projections, live music, workshops and spoken word, art, crafts, theatre and street performance.

The event was a poetry and spoken word open mic with the theme of ‘time’. Hosted by Ciarán Hodgers, the Pangaea Poetry International Slam Winner of 2015, he kicked off the evening with his powerful piece called ‘Counting Monsters’.

Poets stood up from the audience and were welcomed to the stage whether it was their first time performing or if they were a pro, young or old. Most links to the theme were tenuous, but it was inspiring to see so many diverse people standing up to perform their own work and everyone be treated the same way.

 Written by Peter Basement 

Word of mouth, Veritas, The language of life with a life of language.

"The truth is," he continued, "that I want to see these stars again. They are curious stars. I want to see them not from the air-ship, but from the surface of the earth, as our ancestors did, thousands of years ago. I want to visit the surface of the earth."
( The Machine Stops, E.M Forster 1909).

The stars I refer to are the galactic realms of the human mind and our engagement with our universes given and created.

The spoken word as a "Telescope" to peek into and be absorbed unto other worlds.

Writing on the Wall hosted and facilitated a wonderful hour of poetry and spoken word, true expressions from grand to minuitae.

Generations of humanity have realised the beauty and strength, of a genuine exchange in materials that are more precious than any metal or stone.

 The very sound of this voice creates my story,
Each letter represents the chaotic forces.
Each word the structure that is just a part,
Within a sentence within a story to be told.
Telling the story revives all characters,
Within a web of belief and life,
Sustaining within our memories,
Growing in strength with each letter, word, action
Until the truth,
Becomes a story,
And stories become truths,
And beliefs are believed in.

Many thanks to all involved, as is often said with all we become us.