Wednesday 3rd May
With China Miéville, John Rees & Kate Evans
China Mieville, John Rees and Kate Evans came together to discuss the revolutions explored in their books as well as their own personal revolutions.

Held at Liverpool Central Library, the talk encouraged discussion and debate on a number of issues around radical ideas and also the concern of where we’re heading in the future.

Their books take place in England, Russia and Germany; they shine a light on each society and highlight the sacrifices people made in hope of a better future.

As well as observing the revolutions in their books, the panel explored those that we’re travelling through now. Are we in the midst of a silent revolution?

As Mike Morris, co-director of Writing on the Wall stated on the evening; although we have been through a politically turbulent year, the events that John Rees explored in ‘The Levellers Revolution’, make this time as like a small breeze compared to the tornado of events in the 1640’s.

As the evening continued, sections of Kate Evan’s book ‘Red Rosa’ were flashed up on screen to show the detail in each of her cartoons, simplifying but not diminishing the power and energy that Rosa Luxembourg depicted in her life. The evening was full of interesting debate, inspiring stories and challenging opinions.